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Ctrip announced Group English name changed to Group released the 20th anniversary of the 'G2' strategy

Date: 2019-10-30

On October 29, ctrip group (hereinafter referred to as the "ctrip") 20 anniversary celebration and global partner summit.Ctrip chairman James liang at the conference for the Group unveiled a new English name " Group Limited.".At the same time, he officially announced on behalf of the group under the ctrip a ride "G2" strategy.

"' Trip 'representatives' process', the 'com' representatives' Companion partners' is' and 'hands."James liang explained the new group in the field of English name how to interpret "ctrip" concept, "" com" can also on behalf of the Company, on behalf of a group of people together into a special meaningful career."He noted that in the history of the earliest "company" is actually a travel company, from the Netherlands.He wants to see a new English name, ctrip show ctrip and partners around the world, global customer service.

Ctrip, ctrip founder Group, Group executive team has unveiled a new English name " Group"Officials note that ctrip new English name also highlights the concept of "Group".Ctrip since it was founded in 1999, after 20 years development, has gradually by a ctrip brand, developing multiple matrix group brand.

Its "ctrip" and "where" occupy the dominant position in the Chinese market."" as a service to the global users own OTA brands is growing rapidly."Day tour" by direct booking to synergistic effect in multiple markets.At the same time, ctrip in August 30, 2019, become a leading Indian OTA company "the company's largest shareholder.

As ctrip products and brands to accelerate the global coverage, "Globalization" has become James liang ctrip announced on the day of the future a key part of the "G2" strategy, James liang, G2 is 2 G: Great Quality (high Quality) and Globalization (Globalization).

James liang, in Great Quality (high Quality), take the customer as the center, providing customers with the best service is always need to adhere to.He introduces, ctrip's goal is to accomplish friendly and convenient products and services, to provide multilingual services;To achieve high reliability and high reliable technology, so as to achieve the whole global coverage and the best quality target.

In the Globalization (Globalization), James liang announced that ctrip group will be both local and global action vision;With global wisdom to global customers;To build global products, supply chain, service and brand;At the same time, to cultivate and attract the talents of globalisation.

"G2 both China and abroad, global ctrip employee will unite as one, to deliver service quality."James liang, ctrip has accumulated the economies of scale over the past two decades, mobile, multiple products, platform four sorts of advantage.

Now, together with the implementation of the strategy of future G2, we have the confidence in the three years to become Asia's largest international tourism enterprises, the five years to become the world's largest international tourism enterprises, 10 years to become the undisputed most valuable and most respected online travel companies."James liang said.